About Me

Let me support you…

Hi, I’m Gillian, a Trauma Coach and trained Reflexologist.

For a lot of my life, I held onto my own trauma and found myself lost in a life that didn’t feel as if it was mine anymore.

As a child, I built walls around myself to survive and then carried this into adulthood. It didn’t matter which way I turned in life, whatever I was looking for just didn’t seem to come together. Slowly slipping into a place that became unrecognisable, it wasn’t until a long term relationship became so broken that it was time things had to change to create a healthier life.

At that time, having someone who understood, listened and supported me was the most valuable gift in helping me move forward. This knowledge provided strength and understanding to heal and re-build myself and my life.

Overcome Your Trauma

It is possible to overcome trauma. Your mind and body have a great way of coping, your body is living in a ‘survival mode’. This takes its toll, mentally and physically but despite this, you are given the biggest opportunity to turn your fears into true love.

Now, I am in an amazing place to support you on one of the most valuable journeys of your life. You too can build a better, healthier life for your future.

Let me support your move from ‘dust to a diamond’ by finding your inner true love (Verus Amor) and begin your own healing journey.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment. Sessions can be in person (based in West London) or online via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp.

Trauma Coach London